hhhh Bass

I've been playing bass for almost a year now. These are just a few things related to my bass playing that I thought I'd put here.

Equipment and such

My getting a bass was actually very spontaneus, I honestly think its kind of silly. I was at my neighbor's house saying goodbye and eating our final dinner together before I moved to Denmark. Anyways, we were sitting at the dinner table, eating and chatting, when my dad told my neighbor's dad that I wanted to play bass. My neighbor's dad immediately ran off and came back holding a bass guitar and told me that it was his very first bass that he got, but he didn't use it anymore and that it was broken. He said that if I could fix it, I could keep it. He gave it to me to take home. The next day I returned with the now working bass, and, when he asked what I'd done, I told him that I had switched out the battery with a new one. what an idiot lol

Yeah so thats how I got my bass. Its a Dean Edge 4.

No funny story about the amp, I bought it the normal way. Nothing crazy just a Fender Rumble 25.

Songs that I can play:

Songs that I want to learn to play: